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Palms2Paws supports the Soi Dog Foundation. The Foundation is set out to improve the welfare of dogs and cats in Thailand, resulting in better lives for both the animal and human communities, to end animal cruelty, and to ultimately create a society without homeless animals. It also works hard to fight against the dog meat trade in South East Asia. Every year tens of thousands of dogs are inhumanely transported from Thailand to neighbouring countries where they are butchered by cruel and barbaric methods. However, the Soi Dog Foundation and the Thai government are actively working to end this appalling practice.

Soi Dog has reached a milestone of over 97,903 dogs and cats sterilized.

Thousands more have been treated for injury and disease by providing emergency and ongoing veterinary treatment for abused and neglected street dogs and cats.

Soi Dog runs a shelter and rehoming center for over 400 dogs that have been abandoned or abused and subjected to sometimes terrible cruelty.

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